International Charitable
Foundation "Hope"

"Other people's children do not happen"

Katanova N.V.

Let us congratulate you with the International Women Day of March, 8



      Dear Women, mothers, sisters. Using such opportunity let us congratulate you on the behalf of “International Charitable Foundation “Hope” responsible to help children-orphans” with the International Women Day of March, 8 and wish each of you solid health, happiness, prosperity, lack, creative force….

Students of NPU named after M. P. Dragomanov tied for orphans and children socks


These socks are hand-knitted for children, orphans and students of Dragomanov NPU to these socks have warmed to their warmth and love of children orphans,and without any motives and a pure heart ,also students of NPU ,President of the Foundation ,and the Foundation staff congratulate children orphans the day of St. Nicholas we wish you health ,success, and a child’s smile…

St. Nicholas day at Derazhnyanshchyni


It is a celebration for children of  Derazhnyansky associated with St. Nicholas day ,this is the first but not the last festival organized by the International charity Foundation for orphans “Nadiya” we will continue to give kids a smile and happy memories because it is the most important thing in our business ,it is our goal. Our Foundation is grateful to…

Khmelnitsky branch of our Foundation is ready for St. Nicholas day


We are all ready for the holiday ,thanks to the involvement of our team and support our leaders and volunteers, we managed and we are proud of,and most importantly for us to see a child’s smile,God bless all with good health who helped us and who supported us in a difficult time beginning and the prosperity of our Foundation!!!thank you all…

We continue to work on the feast of St. Nicholas!


We continue to work on the feast of St. Nicholas! Start with a small town Derani. The city is not big, but people live there with a broad mind. We were very warmly welcomed and had a huge promotion. So that everything goes according to plan and the kiddies will have fun. Special thanks go to Andrew Hood (mayor Derazhnia), Andrew…

Charity Trade Fair in Khmelnitsky


Collection of sold things that made the children with their hands will go to charity: candy, gifts orphans on St. Nicholas Day.